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Sashimi Grade Seafood

Our mission is to provide the highest quality seafood products at fair and reasonable prices while recognizing the importance of conservation and maintenance of a healthy environment.

Committed to Sustainability

As a Fresh Tuna Exporter we are committed to educating and moving Samrick Seafood, its vendors and customers towards offering more sustainable options, increasing community understanding on environmental responsibility and being an agent of change in the seafood industry.

Seafood exporter specializing in fresh & frozen Tuna.

We, at Samrick Seafood, believe it is our responsibility to consistently deliver/produce the highest quality seafood in the most efficient, environmentally safe, method while providing outstanding service to both our customers and supplier partners to maintain beneficial relationships.

Tuna Products


Our seafood is a premium fresh product. So, no nets are used to harvest open ocean or deepwater bottomfish in Sri Lanka. Our line-caught Tuna and Swordfish are among the highest quality…



We ensure that only the very best is taken for exporting and systems are in place to maintain throughout. The entire process is taken care of by the trained and skilled personnel for customer requirements. The process…


Food Safety

We’re serious about food safety. Our plant is regularly inspected by governmental agencies, as well as independent programs. Our HACCP certification and around-the-clock production schedules are designed to enable us to receive, process and deliver our products in less time….

Our Team

John doe
CEO / Founder
Martin Rogger
Delivery Boy
George Williams
jonathan doe

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